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When an actual audit occurs, InDefend can be deployed very quickly, enabling the hospital to respond effectively and decisively during the critical 30-day discussion period. InDefend prepares a comprehensive document with all the technical, patient-specific, and compliance details necessary for the peer-to-peer discussion to be effective. It is nearly impossible for most hospitals to gather the necessary cognitive resources to mount a winning appeal within 30 days. Failure to win at the discussion period usually results in a multi-year wait for final disposition of the case. Hospitals may need to hold millions of dollars in reserves, pending these dispositions. InDefend can avoid this.

InDefend software can also reduce the risk of future audits by detecting documentation errors, detecting errors in clinical processes, and improving CMS compliance. Our core competency is to offer individualized, thoroughly researched, physician written letters, that enable our clients to strongly and effectively advocate on behalf of the clinical work they perform for patients. 

  • An innovative approach to appellate success within 30 days 

  • An assessment of the legitimacy of an appeal

  • Comprehensive research to support an appeal

  • Improved internal compliance with CMS regulations

  • Internal evaluation of audit risk

  • Reduced logistical complexity of the entire appeals process

Services Offered